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Exercise routines can be tough to stick with, especially with today’s busy schedules.  That’s why the American Heart Association is helping you find a simple and fun way to stick to it: Walking Clubs.

Walking Clubs bring together friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone who’s ready to ditch the solo stride. A Walking Club keeps you motivated and helps you celebrate an active life. Think of it as your on-the-move support group for better health.

The American Heart Association’s credibility, scientific expertise and relationships throughout the country make us uniquely suited to bring
Walking Clubs to your community.

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By joining the American Heart Association’s national network of Walking Clubs, you pledge to get active and help get your community moving.
You’ll also get Walking Club information and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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Serve as an organizer, mentor and motivator for your American Heart Association Walking Club. You'll be responsible for setting up your group and helping spread the word in your community about the benefits of walking. Checking this box doesn't limit your options - you can join a club at any time too.

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Join scheduled walks with others, set goals and celebrate accomplishments. Sign up now and search for a group based on location or similar interests. Checking this box doesn't limit your options - you can start a club at any time too.

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